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Mrs C Steele - Senior Leadership TeamPrimary 6

Welcome to P6!
We had an unusual end to term Two as we reluctantly closed our classroom doors on 20th March due to the government regulations regarding the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic.
It was very sad to see our lovely P6 class gather up all their belongings and say their farewells before the end of the academic year. We all hope that the virus passes quickly and we are able to return safely back to school as soon as it is safe to do so.
There is still a very busy learning environment taking place within our P6 families. More than ever we are connected through the use of our Seesaw app where parents and children are able to keep up regular contact with me to send and receive messages. It has been really useful!
This term has also seen the introduction of the Google Classroom. This has proved to be a steep learning curve for us all as we have navigated our way through how to find and open resources and this is all before the teaching begins!! Mums and Dads are learning and re-discovering old skills and are no doubt multi-tasking. Perhaps they are juggling the learning of several children whilst working at the same time. As a parent myself I know this can be (very) challenging at times! However, it is a blessing to have this time together where we can press the pause button on our usually busy lives and spend time with our families. This blessing has been further enriched by the gorgeous spring sunshine. Many of us have been making the most of family time in the great outdoors!
In this final term of P6 we remain in unchartered waters in terms of school closures.We will endeavour to maintain the virtual classroom and home learning environments. P6 will continue to prepare for AQE examinations as though we were still at school.Primary 6 pupils have collected learning packs from school which contain all the test work, Literacy and Numeracy work for the upcoming term. Our next class novel will be ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’ by Betsy Byars and it will be made available on the Google Classroom as an audio book. Our World Around Us topic will be Europe. This always proves to be a fun topic as we study European Geography and learn about the British Isles and N Ireland. We also choose a European Country to produce a project on. For many children this will be their first opportunity to produce a project of independent work in the form of a scrapbook. This is a perfect learning task for home schooling where creativity and independent learning is at its best.
Finally, huge credit must go to the children who have adapted in the most remarkable way to the current situation. They have shown great maturity and independence in their approach to learning! I wish them every success in this upcoming term and I look forward to the day ahead when we return back to school.
Keep safe! Mrs Steele