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 Mrs Steele

Mrs C Steele
Senior Leadership Team
Primary 6







We have had a fantastic Year so far and it is hard to believe that our first two terms are over! Primary Six have enjoyed their Easter holidays and it has been great fun hearing everyone’s news. Owen was excited to share with us the news of the safe arrival of baby Tom. Congratulations! It has been great to see the children back at school well rested and enthusiastic to start our last term together.

We have had a busy first week back. During our Numeracy lessons we have been making a range of different prisms from card and magnetic shapes. We have also been investigating their properties and learning about faces, edges and vertices. We have measured cuboids and worked out their volumes and we have been using formulas to find the volumes of shapes. Investigating shape and volume has been interesting.

During our Literacy lessons we have been using our knowledge about life in Viking Times to complete our adventure stories. There really are some exciting stories to share!

We have also been experimenting in our WAU topic through STEM activities. We have measured the temperature of water and tested clothing we felt Viking warriors may have worn to find our which fabric retained heat best. Great scientific investigating was taking place in P6.

We are now looking forward to taking part in our shared Education days with St Eoghan’s Primary and Macosquin Primary. We have very exciting activities planned for the children based on STEM and problem solving.

Our next WAU will focus on learning about Europe and the children will have opportunities to research and learn about different countries. I am looking forward to learning lots of interesting facts!

Mrs C Steele