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Mrs A Johnston - Primary 5

Welcome to the Summer Term in P5!

 It's unlike any we've ever had before because of course we are at home! Remote learning has been going well and we've all been working really hard. We are now in a routine of getting a new timetable every Monday morning to take us through our daily Numeracy and Literacy lessons and others. Our timetable refers us to our Home Learning Pack booklets, and also to lessons which are explained on Google Classroom, along with teaching resources, such as videos, slideshows, pictures, etc. This is an online forum which allows us to teach and learn remotely. There is even the occasional teacher video to help us along the way. We communicate through Seesaw, Google Classroom and email. It's not a perfect system but hopefully it provides a guide for parents and children alike to try, if possible, to keep up with the learning.

Our May-June topic is called 'Eco-Warriors'. In it we will be learning all about the problems currently facing our planet, and what action we can take to try to resolve these. This involves learning about the rainforests, and the threat to them! We will look at where they are, their climate, the layers of vegetation, the amazing animals and the people who live there. We will find out why the rainforests are so important for our world. As our new writing genre is persuasive writing, we will write an email to the government in Brazil to try to persuade them not to cut down the rainforests. In order to do this, we will look at it from different people's points of view. We will also be learning about different ways to generate electricity and how to cut down on our use of plastic.

In Numeracy we'll be doing lots of fraction and decimal work, so get to work on dividing up those pizzas and cakes! Keep an eye on the time - we'll move on to 24 hour time this term. We'll also be working with bigger numbers, in preparation for P6.

Most important of course is for us and our families to all keep safe and well. These times we are living through are unlike any other in my lifetime, and we all have different pressures and difficulties. So an important part of our lives at the moment is looking after each other, making each other smile, and not stressing out if we can't find a worksheet on Google Classroom! I am available for any problems, questions or just chats you might want to have. My tech support is even improving!

Please keep talking to me and asking for help if you need it.

Mrs Johnston 😊