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Miss Morrison - Primary 4

Welcome to the Summer Term in P4!

 It is a very different Summer term this year because we are at home, however we will continue to work hard with our remote learning, you have been doing amazing with this so far- well done! By now, you know that you will receive a weekly outline on a Monday morning, explaining what we will cover that week and where to access the teaching resources, such as PowerPoints, video links, quizzes, worksheets, etc. It will also refer to what activities we will be completing from our home learning packs which you have all received. We will continue to stay connected through seesaw and google classroom and I will try to commute with you daily with extra guidance and support. I know it is not a perfect system and we can sometimes experience problems, however, hopefully it provides guidance and support to help both parents and children to continue the learning process in P4.

Our May-June topic is called ‘Journeys'. In this topic we will be learning about how people and animals travel, methods of transport and the history of them. We will learn about the journey into space as well as looking at the journey of many other things including the journey of water, electricity, sound, food and clothes. We will investigate where all these things begin and what journey they go on before they are accessible to us. During this topic we will be doing lots of constructing; creating rocket ships and kites and researching to find out all there is to know about popular holiday destinations that we might travel to. I have no doubt the children will really enjoy this topic!

In Numeracy we'll continue to work with numbers to 999, reading writing and ordering them, partitioning and rounding numbers, as well as continuing to add and subtract with exchange. We will continue to work on multiplication and division, learn the 3 times tables and revise the 2, 5, 10 and 4 times tables so keep revising these at home. We will be working on function machines and fractions as well as recapping on symmetry. We will also be doing lots of practical work on volume and capacity- so try to encourage this measuring at home.

In Literacy, we will continue with our daily spellings and reading tasks, and work through out Prim Ed Spelling books. We will continue to complete daily literacy warm-ups on punctuation and grammar as well as looking using apostrophes, connectives and conjunctions, prefixes and suffixes. We will complete various writing activities linked to our topic to develop our writing skills; We will also be completing various comprehensions and using all of the appropriate sentence structure rules to answer the questions correctly. Our writing genre this term is persuasive writing, and we will create a travel brochure to promote a holiday destination.

Finally, can I say a huge thank you to all adults and children who have adapted so well to home learning in these strange and difficult times. I know that people have many commitments and different pressures so please do not stress to get everything done. The most important thing is that we are all safe and happy, so make sure to keep well, spend time together and make each other laugh and smile. If you have any problems, questions or worries, contact me via email or seesaw at any time.

Miss Morrison

Check out some of the photos below of us learning at home!