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Mrs A Radcliffe & Mrs T Peden - Senior Leadership TeamPrimary 3Safeguarding Team


Welcome to the Summer Term in P3!

P3 have been working so well at home over the past few weeks and really getting into a good rhythm. This term, we are looking forward to trying lots of fun activities alongside our everyday tasks.

Our new topic is ‘It’s a Bug’s Life!’ We will be thinking about all sorts of insects and mini beasts. What do they look like? Where do they live? What do they eat? Are they the same all over the world? Why do we need mini beasts? Can you make a mini beast out of whatever you have at home? Perhaps the boys and girls will build a mini beast hotel in their own gardens!

In Literacy, as well as our normal reading, spellings, grammar and comprehension, we will write about mini beasts, label them, try to write a poem about them and imagine what it would be like to be shrunk to the size of a mini beast!

In Numeracy, we will be consolidating our number work and thinking about simple fractions. We will sort mini beasts using Carroll diagrams and tree diagrams and make block graphs. We will think about symmetry in mini beasts, discover more tessellations, think about capacity and carry out lots of practical activities. And don’t forget to brush up on time as we will be doing some more work on this.

Most importantly, we will continue to keep in touch using Seesaw and share lots of photographs of what we have been doing. Keep safe and well,

Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Peden