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Mrs Bailie

Mrs G Bailie
P2 Teacher









P.2 have been super busy this term. They have all worked so hard and truly deserve a big rest over the Christmas holidays.

P.2 loved learning all about building houses in our topic ‘Home Sweet Home.’ We learned about all different types of houses we live in. We looked at how other people live around the world. We invited Mr Young into our class to ask him questions about building houses. We enjoyed exploring our topic through play based learning. We listened to two versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and then we took a vote to help us decide whose version of the story we believe. P.2 believes the wolf’s side of the story and not the three little pigs.

Then Christmas time arrived in P.2. We had a ball singing our songs from our show ‘Prickly Hay.’We decorated our room and the home corner got a real Christmas makeover! We built a sleigh for Santa outside and listened to Christmas songs and made cards and decorations to help us get in the festive spirit.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Mrs Bailie