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Mrs Bailie & Miss Morrison

Mrs G Baillie & Miss Morrison
Primary 2
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Welcome back P2, how are we into our summer term already? I’m sure we will have as much fun as we have had in previous terms. In P2, we are currently finishing off our ‘water’ topic where we have been learning about, why we need water? The water cycle, the importance of water, plants, frogs, flood and drought and have had lots of fun doing science experiments with water.

We will soon be moving on to ‘The Seaside’ topic and will be focusing on staying safe on the beach and sun safety, jobs related to the seaside (ice-cream van and souvenir shop) and learning how animals have adapted to live at the seaside, above and under the water. We will be exploring natural features around the seaside and investigating natural materials like sand, shells and seaweed.

I am so proud of how all children are progressing in their Literacy; children have shown great knowledge of their phonics and are using these to assist them with their spellings and becoming more confident in their reading.Thank you for your support at home. P2’s have also demonstrated great skills within their independent writing and we will continue to work on these throughout this term.

In Numeracy, we have been working hard on money and the children are able to identify coins, count and add amounts and have been super at problem solving with money. This term we will be workingon capacity – using words like full/half full etc. and comparing the capacity of 2 or more containers. We will also be exploring and comparing length and weight.

Can I say a huge congratulations to all children who took part in both Coleraine and Portstewart’s Speech and Drama Festival, it takes great courage to stand up on a stage and perform in front of an audience and the P2’s have done themselves proud with many also getting prizes. Well done!

This term is set to be another busy term with the addition of preparing for Sport’s Day and also going to the seaside for our school trip. I look forward to watching all the children continue to grow and develop in all areas and most importantly have fun in their learning.

Miss Morrison