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Mrs A Robinson - Primary 1


Welcome to P1!

As you can see from the photos below, P1 are working very hard during this remote learning period. Mrs Robinson is so proud of how creative they have been in their learning.

As we enter into our last term in P1 we will be learning lots of new things and we will be learning a lot through our new theme, Animal Crackers. We will look at animal life cycles, farm animals and their young, how we get food in our supermarkets from the animals, grow our very own potatoes, role play in a vet’s surgery, retell farm stories using puppets, make scrambled egg and so much more!

Within numeracy, we are going to be counting up to 20, adding on and taking away numbers, putting information into a tree diagram and we will be revising our o’ clock times along with our 2D and 3D shapes.

Within literacy, we will be writing sentences independently. We know all of the alphabet sounds and so we will be using this knowledge to sound out new words.

We are very busy in P1! We continue to communicate with each other daily through the app, Seesaw, but hopefully we will join together in our classroom to learn together again soon. Keep going P1, you are doing great! 😀

Mrs Robinson