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Our Staff

Welcome to our staff page. We are a friendly group of people who work together to ensure the best education for the children at our school. We endeavour to maintain a nurturing and positive environment where all children can achieve their full potential. Please see all our staff members below.

Teaching Staff


Mrs J Laverty - Principal

Primary 1

Mrs A Robinson - Primary 1

Primary 2

Mrs D Graham - Primary 7

Primary 3

Mrs A Radcliffe - Senior Leadership TeamPrimary 3Safeguarding Team

Mrs T Peden - Primary 3


Primary 4

Miss K Morrison - Primary 4

Primary 5

Mrs A Johnston - Primary 5

Primary 6

Miss A Kilgore - Primary 7

Primary 7

Miss S Dale - Primary 6







Non Teaching Staff

Classroom Assistants:

Mrs L Hughes





Miss S Dobbin




Mrs J Campbell





Miss G Campbell






Mrs K McIntyre






Mrs C Lowry





Mrs S Adair






Mrs C Davies






Mr K Penn








Mrs S Collins







Mrs C Thompson






Secretarial Staff:


Mrs H Millar







Mr N Young





Cleaning Staff: 


Mrs G Hunter





School Crossing Patrol:


Mrs J Stirling





Schools Meals:


Mrs H Young





Mrs M Bell





Mrs E Rankin





Mrs M Stewart