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Expenses Overview

Please see below information for everyday school expense during school hours.


  • Breakfast Club: - £1
  • Toast is available from the canteen at a cost of 30p per day or £1.50 per week.

More information about the Breakfast Club

Lunch and breaks

  • Dinners: - £2.60 daily
  • Break: It costs between 30p and 40p for break. Toast, pancakes, scones, wheaten and fruit are available.

More information about the Lunch and breaks

HOP Club

  • After school club: - £3.00/per hour

More information about the After School Club


  • Windyhall: -  80p per day/£4 per week
  • Mountsandel to Spar Shop: - 80p to Spar at Mountsandel, £4.20 per week. £1 per day from Spar onwards.
  • Mountsandel (after Spar Shop): - £1 or £5 per week

More information about the school bus

School Trips

Fees for school trips will be updated on the website when available.